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Apartments available in a landmark Secession-style villa built in 1905. The villa with garden is located in the centre of the spa area of Carlsbad. The newly-renovated apartments are conveniently located within close vicinity of the spas and the spa parks where spa treatments as well as catering are available.

Convenient car parking space available in the villa’s yard.


Krále Jiřího 10, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)

The apartments are situated in the peaceful historic district of the town, in the vicinity of the spa parks and woods, the Russian Orthodox Church and colonnades and springs, and at the same time they are within easy reach of the town shopping area and downtown. This amenity (approximately 500m from the main colonnade and 300m from the shopping centre) is ideal for all visitors to Carlsbad.

Possibility to use both nearby open-air as well as indoor swimming pools, sauna, balneologic treatments in the bath houses, spa treatments and Hotel Thermal cultural amenities (5 minute walk).